5 Korean movies to boost inspiration during quarantine

With social distancing becoming the norm, everyone is trying their best to reinvent daily life and be more productive from home. These new challenges can be stressful at times, so it is important to know when it’s time to take a break and take care of your emotional state. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, Korean movies have been an effective way of diverting my attention and cleansing my mind from whatever it is that’s bothering me. With original plots, charismatic actors, and heartwarming topics,

“A personal take on

“A personal take on ” is a composition of loss, remembrance, human connections, and historical trauma, interpreted by the contemporary dance movements of the Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre. The story follows a grandmother trapped in her 10-year old self, who searches within her memories the parents she lost during the Korean war. The presentation is divided in 14 distinct phases, representing the girl’s struggle with emotions and social interactio

4 Google Extensions You Need for an Organized Virtual Workspace

With this new semester going virtual, we find ourselves spending way more time on our computers than in the BC era (Before COVID Era). But just like how we organize our workspace to fit our study style, we can also search for new ways to personalize our virtual desktop. Google chrome extensions gives us the liberty to do just that, and these 4 extensions are a good place to start making your virtual study time easier to manage. While completing multiple assignments, tabs tend to accumulate ver

The Daisie App: A Glimpse into the Mind of Art Professionals

The art industry has a way of drawing all people in, some way or another. But no matter how much research we put into the art production process, it’s still a very exclusive world, known only by professionals. Be it fine arts, movies, or fashion, Daisie app aspires to be an open door to the world of art by connecting us with professional artists and helping us learn more about their craft. Founded by entrepreneur Dom Santry and actress Maisie Williams, the app is a multi-media networking platfo

Three YouTubers to Watch When You Need a Pick-Me-Up

When the week somehow keeps getting busier and harder to manage, a wine night with good company seems like the best remedy. Even when the weekend seems to be unbearably faraway, you don’t have to wait till the end of the week to be part of some good conversations. Be it mindfulness or romance, these three YouTube creators share, in the format of short aesthetic videos, very down to earth opinions on topics that might be bothering you. Ashley is a New York-based youtuber known for her fashion vi

Savage x Fenty: A Portrayal of Unapologetic Individuality

The Fenty brand has been a project directly inspired by Rihanna’s bold and empowering fashion style. Savage x Fenty embraces uniqueness and sexuality in a daring and unapologetic way, and this message can be heard loud and clear in the brand’s most recent fashion show. Savage x Fenty Vol. 2 is a visual story that depicts inspiration, self-love, and unique sexual energy. It is a star-filled production featuring many ground-breaking artists, including Rosalia, Elle Mai, Gigi Goode, Parris Goeble,

5 Korean horror movies to watch this Halloween

Asian movies are known to be revolutionary in the horror genre; Japanese being the most predominantly recognized. As opposed to the darker and more graphic nature of Japanese horror, Korean horror is my favourite because of their focus on storytelling and character depth. They tend to lean more towards psychological horror, painting a colorful context with unique characters who are slowly distorted by the horrific events. These are my top five recommendations to get into the Korean horror phenom

3 easy tips for dealing with stress during finals season

With the semester reaching an end, we are all starting to feel the pressure of the upcoming final exams. With assignments to submit, essays to write, and on top of the reviews to prepare, stress is naturally called into action. Here are three easy tips for dealing with these highly stressful moments: Stress can manifest physically in the form of a cold sweat, uneasy feeling, rapid heart rate, all of which are symptoms that can make us feel even more uncomfortable than we already are. Since medi

Why you should watch Tokyo Godfathers this Christmas

Christmas is exclusively a time for re watching special Holiday movies and shows. The grinch just doesn’t feel right any other time of the year, this is a fact, but finding new stories to watch can be as exciting as watching the classics. Family, comedy, solidarity, friendship, we all want to feel warm inside during the cold winter. Tokyo Godfathers is an animated Japanese movie which finds the Christmas spirit in an unusual setting. The story follows three homeless characters: a middle-aged al

Why you should take yourself out on a date

Going to a restaurant as a party for one, sitting at a bar ordering drinks for one, visiting a bakery and getting some dessert for…you guessed it, only one. Some of us are afraid to be in places that are usually considered as only a social context. We don’t feel comfortable with the idea of being solo in a crowd of people. The reality is that there is nothing wrong nor weird with going out by yourself. When putting those thoughts aside, there are so many possibilities for highly rewarding alone-

Midnight Gospel: A Must-See Animated Podcast

Podcasts are one of the best sources of entertaining and informative conversations. The audio-only format is in itself the advantage of the medium, but I never knew how much I needed to see a visual adaptation of one until I saw Midnight Gospel. Created by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward and comedian Duncan Trussell, the animated show follows the main character Clancy Gilroy as he interviews a series of special characters. The story is set on a mind-bending dimension where multiple univer

A Reminder For Those Dealing With Criticism

You don’t like me? It’s alright, friendships come and go. I’ve learned to stop begging people to stay in my life. I’ve learned that you cannot convince others to love who you are. I’ve learned that forced relationships are like time bombs, which explode, creating trust-issues and tainting good souls. You don’t like my attitude? It’s my way of dealing with feelings. Passersby in your life will dismiss your emotions. They’ll say you are only looking for attention. They’ll think you’

You Deserve More Than A Love Triangle

A girl decided she was tired of trying too hard for those who would end up breaking her heart. The girl was tired of being stuck with the same toxic thoughts. Will the other steal him today? Will the other seduce him this time? Will the guy change his mind tonight? The girl was investing most of her time in aimless insecurities rather than the supposed relationship. The girl was tired from crying, while he was somewhere else with “just a friend.” He was constantly lying to you and himself, disre